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Trusts Stadium


The Trusts Stadium is located in Waitakere City.  It is an indoor multi-purpose stadium that primarily holds sports events and music concerts. The Stadium was opened by the Prime Minister Helen Clark on 11 September 2004.


The client's brief was to design and monitor the construction of a new stadium, to help The Trust make it debt-free and use environmentally sustainable design principles.


Environmentally sustainable design reduced the environmental impact and the day-to-day running costs of the facility.


Some of the principal environmentally sustainable design features included:

  • Passive ventilation.
  • Thermal mass temperature maintenance.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Water conservation.
  • Solar water heating.
  • Rainwater harvesting and storage.


The total project budget of $28 million was for the building of a 14,000m2, 5000-seat, four tier indoor stadium. It contained 6 basketball courts, kitchen and food concession facilities, a 2000 member fitness centre, function rooms, office space, a crèche, a climbing wall, indoor running track, a cricket practice facility and athletic/rugby clubrooms - the largest everyday sports event centre in New Zealand at the time of building.


The stadium is designed for future flexibility and technological advances, with large service spaces allowing for easy upgrades and installation of new technologies. 


Trusts Stadium Chief Executive, Simon Wickham expressed admiration for the structural engineering team for making "an art form out of a combination of efficient steel and pre-cast concrete structures, some of them four storeys high. They look terrific, they're built to last, they're extremely cost efficient and they have a whole bunch of environmental benefits. You can't do better than that."


The five national and international awards received by the Engenium team for this project are testament to the innovative engineering solutions incorporated into the stadium's design and build.

More recently, the Waitakere City Athletic Club has the use of a $1,000,000 all weather athletics track at the Waitakere Stadium. It is one of the premier tracks in New Zealand. In addition the club recently purchased almost $200,000 worth of track and field equipment of top International standard. It now has the best facilities of any club in New Zealand.






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