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Rangi Ruru Girls' School


The redevelopment of Rangi Ruru after the earthquakes as part of Project 'Blue Sky'

Project 'Blue Sky' is the redevelopment of the site of Rangi Ruru Girls' School, a private girls' school in Christchurch. Covering the majority of the land between Merivale Lane, Rossall Street and Hewitts Road.


After the Christchurch earthquakes, some school buildings were removed and others deemed uneconomic to repair. The school decided, instead of taking the traditional, evolutionary approach and just replacing the buildings it had lost, to take the opportunity to completely review, revise and potentially rebuild much of the school in a completely different shape and form.

Our team was engaged to provide structural engineering services to the project and were involved in the:

  • Performing Arts building

  • Academic block (Mana Wahine)

  • Science Centre

  • Gibson Centre (Library)

  • Te Koraha (main administration block) - strengthening and restoration

  • Art and technology block - strengthening and refurbishment.


   redevelopment of Rangi Ruru after the earthquakes, Project ´Blue Sky´, boarding school, private girls´ school




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