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Christchurch International Airport


New domestic terminal and international check-in hall


The Christchurch International Airport ITP project features a three storey multi-faceted structure adjoining the existing international terminal and replacing the existing domestic terminal and international check-in hall.

The basis for the structural design in concrete was to enable the structure to be exposed as part of the architecture to allow an economical solution and to provide a structure that would offer an acceptable level of vibration control.

The extensive use of pre-cast concrete was utilised to reduce on-site works and optimise the rate of construction.

A unique cruciform pre-cast beam system was designed to incorporate the complex reinforcing for the ductile joints required for the seismic design.

Long spans were required and the grid is up to 12 metres in one direction and 16 metres in the other.

Specific systems were developed to utilise 300mm hollowcore sections for the 16 metre grid and design specific full scale testing was undertaken of the support system.

The roof is constructed of structural steel was drawn in 3D Xsteel to minimise the time and cost of shop drawings.

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