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Porsche, Christchurch


Prestigious car showroom in central Christchurch

Archibalds, the authorised agents for exclusive cars manufacturer Porsche, will be opening a new car showroom located central Christchurch on Tuam and Antigua Streets.


The new showroom will have:


  • A five-storey office and car showroom on the corner of Tuam and Antigua Streets in Christchurch.

  • Buckling Restrained Braces (BRBs) have been used in the building's construction to limit floor drift and assist with achieving IL3 Building Standard.

  • A gravity system has been used in the design of the floors.


Engenium provided structural and civil engineering services for this building which is a steel framed, braced building designed for load drift and IL3 Building Standards. Founded on concrete piles constructed with Polymer technology, the building incorporates a suspended ground floor slab.


Engenium specialist services:


  • Tekla steel documentation, full modeling for digital supply of design to fabrication.

  • Shop drawn precast concrete work

  • Engineer led Base Build Design for optimal efficiency in building design and documentation period.



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