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Basilica Apartments, Auckland


Luxury Apartments in Auckland


These apartments located at 46-50 Upper Queen Street, Eden Terrace are planned to be under construction in 2017. The 8 level structure includes 35 apartments each with outdoor living. There is car parking on the ground floor and two retail tenancies on the street frontage. Engenium worked with the architects Moller Architects on this project.


This project involved tight dimensional restrictions due to existing structures on either side, a height limit due to the Auckland Volcanic View Shaft and the City Rail Link tunnel planned to run beneath the structure limiting foundation depth.


  • Shallow floor depths were achieved through Slimdeck® construction, in which the metal decking sits within the beam depth and allows services to be installed within the same space. Offshore fabrication capabilities were used to design bespoke structural elements to work in conjunction with the shallow construction depth requirements. This allowed for an extra floor within the height restrictions.

  • The building’s lateral structure incorporates concrete precast walls and a steel Eccentrically Braced Frame within the intertenancy wall. This provided low deflections allowing smaller boundary offsets while achieving open, unobstructed apartments.

  • The building was designed to use steel manufactured and assembled in offshore. Engenium produced a fully connected steel CAD model which can be sent straight to the manufacturers, providing cost and time savings in construction.











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