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West Melton Shopping Complex, Christchurch


A multi-million dollar West Melton shopping centre with a supermarket.


James Lloyd Developments (JLD) project manager Doug Allen said the project in Weedons Ross Rd, west of Christchurch, was on track. 


"The site works are complete, which people will be able to see, and then we're into the construction," Allen said.


"We've leased eight shops already. ...."


There would be 12 shops in the single-storey complex, including a Four Square supermarket.

The Four Square had the ability to expand into a New World later down the track, if necessary, he said. The others were a restaurant, a bar, chemist, patisserie, hairdresser, Indian restaurant and a doctor's clinic. Allen was looking for four new businesses to fill the vacant spots. Choosing the right fit was important, he said. 


West Melton shopping centre, Four Square


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