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West Fitzroy Apartments


Located in central Christchurch, the site contains two separate buildings, a 100 vehicle five level car park building and a seven storey, 70-unit apartment building.


Both buildings were designed and constructed using the tilt slab concrete building method. West Fitzroy was unique for its time as the tilt slab method had not yet been used to construct to seven storeys high.


In addition, patented innovative features and time and budget benefits make this a unique project.


Key features of the design include:

  • Internal walls utilised as structural elements for efficiency.
  • Designed to be bult without a tower crane to allow more competitive bidding and lift heavier panels.
  • 55-day superstructure erection period.
  • The apartment building was refurbished and strengthened to 90%NBS in 2020 without significant alterations to the primary structural system.

The project received the following awards:

  • Association of Consulting Engineers NZ Gold Award 1998
  • New Zealand Concrete Society Award 1999
  • Tilt-Up Concrete Association of America Award 1999
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