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Waitakere Civic Centre



The Waitakere Civic Centre is a group of buildings incorporating the Waitakere City Council's administration services and the Council Chambers. It is linked with an external stairway that also serves the adjoining railway station.


The development is in keeping with the Waitakere City Council’s eco-philosophy and echoes the potential of sustainable development. The owner pre-selected the Engenium team based on their exceptional work on the Waitakere City’s Trust Stadium.


The brief was:

  • To develop a structural and civil engineering solution that would integrate seamlessly with the architecture and mechanical systems at Waitakere Central.
  • To provide a solution to isolate the vibration of the nearby rail corridor and to incorporate the detailed architecture which exposes the majority of the structural elements, including the hollow shell beams that are used for cooling and ventilation within the building.
  • To utilise the thermal properties of the concrete to assist in the structures environmental control.


Incorporating eco-friendly ventilation systems required extensive collaboration between mechanical services engineers, architects and the structural engineer.


The proximity to the railway line over flexible soils required vibration isolation of the foundations to be provided. The most innovative feature of this project is the isolation of the building structure from the substantial vibrations from the adjoining railway. This work was recognised with a Silver Award of Merit from the Association of Consulting Engineers of New Zealand.

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