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Airport Business Park



The Airport Business Park is a prestigious development at 92 Russley Road, Christchurch. The Client's key tenant requested a conventional office space that did not exceed two storeys in height.

The client required that leasing space be maximised within this tight parameter. The Engenium team demonstrated that this was an achievable brief through innovative design, incorporating the structure within the architecture.


The development includes:

  • Five mixed – format office buildings including large open plan office spaces
  • On-site parking, including a two-level carpark building
  • A Fitness Centre


With a Government department as key tenant, the project had to utilise sustainable materials, be energy efficient and provide security for employees. The building was also designed to comply with Wellington Seismic Standards and this significantly dictated the architectural design and elements that were possible.


The buildings central core provides a seamless flow between spaces for the tenants, but ensures flexibility for a multi-tenant lease in the future.

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